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Our History

MAS Public Safety Consulting (MASPSC) started in 2006 with the vision of providing the highest quality CAD consulting and support services to public safety agencies. MASPSC staff members are highly experienced in the development of Pre-Plans and their integration into modern CAD systems.

MASPSC has helped clients convert their existing Pre-Plans into geo-verified documents that automatically display in CAD whenever a unit is dispatched to an associated address. Having produced hundreds of interactive Pre-Plans for fire, police, hospitals, hotels and schools, we believe that the services offered are exceptional because of the knowledge and experience of the individual staff members of the firm.

MASPSC has provided CAD/MDC system integration and support services to numerous agencies. Our services have included creating KML files to display hydrant locations on Google Earth©, developing maps with ESRI©CR 5S .SHP files and the development and integration of Pre-Plans into emergency vehicle Mobile Data Computer systems.

MASPSC staff members can provide full turn-key support in the development of your Pre-Plans. Our services include collecting information via on-site visits and drawing new or updated Pre-Plans. We can enhance your existing Pre-Plans or create new Pre-Plans from pre-existing drafts, rough notes and sketches provided by your agency.

MASPSC offers a full range of services designed to help agencies manage and enhance their CAD/MDC systems with improved map and Pre-Plan information.